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On the Way to Happiness

"Dein Engel" offers great varietey in sports. - vitality all year long. The phantastic location of our hotel, which is imbedded in lovely hills, makes us an ideal sport hotel.

Just get ready for action! Directly in front of our hotel you start your tour: walking, biking, skiing... And even the Oberstaufen golf course is near the hotel. Anywhere else you can experience sport activities in such a diversified landscape.

Nordic Walking


Imagine the ideal holiday place. What would you wish? Clear air, an effervescent mountain creek,which flows down the hill in between of fragra…

Pferdekutsche im Winter

Winter Sports

When the first snow falls and nature becomes calm, you get ready to go! Conquer mountains and valleys and experience the Allgäu as your person…

Nordic Walking-Gruppe


Forget your bad conscience when you have once again given in to the urge for a nice dessert or a rich slice of cake. Now is the time to fight …

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