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New start with the "Schrothkur"

The original Schrothkur according to Johann Schroth is not a typical diet. However, you will still lose weight - the natural way. And maybe you will take the first success as motivation for al long-term weight reduction. Diabetics will also profit from the Schrothkur, as it helps to permanently lower the level of HbAlc. This has been scientifically proven.

What ist the Schrothkur? It is a holistic naturopathic treatment, where the body is thoroughly detoxicated and neutralised. The self-healing powers are activated and diseases can be prevented.

As premium host we prepare your Schroth meals only with fresh and regional products. And our hotel has an own spa physician and own packers. They are always up-to-date taking part regularly in further trainings, lectures on nutrition and first-aid-trainings. We pay great attention to comply the rules of natural healing and to coordinate the sports and movement programs.

Indications for the Schrothkur

Diabetes mellitus
Rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism and signs of wear and tear of joints and spine
Migrains, circulatory disorders and high blood pressure ,
Diseases of heart and coronary vessels
Women: menstruation and climacteric disturbances
Weight and digestion problems
Diseases of stomach, intestine, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and pancreas
Skin diseases as psoriasis and acne
Disturbances in the acid-bases-balance


Four Pillars for your Health

The Schrothkur is based on four pillars: diet, poultices, drink-prescription and a combination of rest and excercise. But how does that work?

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