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Four Pillars for your Health

The Schrothkur is based on four pillars: diet, poultices, drink-prescription and a combination of rest and excercise. But how does that work?

1 Schroth diet

The kitchen crew prepares daily fresh and special Schrothkur-meals with regional products. They are calories reduced, nearly salt-free, don´t contain animal proteins or fat and are irritant free. Manifold dishes are made of cooked and steamed fruits and vegetables, combined with rice, pearl barleys, semolina, dried fruits and fresh herbs. They are lovingly served and make it easier to change the nutrition in the first days of your diet, because the Schrothkur demands some discipline. But after a few days your body has made the process of adaptation and thesensations of hunger get less.

2. Schroth wraps

In the morning you will be wakened with a cup of hot herb tea. Then our specially trained packers wrap you in a cold and humid linen sheetand cover you with dry warm pack blankets. Additional hot water bottles cause a faster warming and let increase the body temperature.
The wrap has many positive effects:

  • it strengthens your body´s defences
  • it inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria and supports the decay of bacteria
  • it is soothing and antispasmodic
  • it calms the inner organs
  • chronic inflammatory changes are activated and absorped
  • it improvesthe conditionof the skin
  • it detoxifies excreting slags and foreign substances as mercury, chemicals and medicines
  • After the pack you will feel weightless

3. Schroth drinking prescriptions

A change between dry and drinking days supports the tissue drainage and the process of self healing. During the dry days a kind of suction occurs from the interstitial tissue to the blood which now is a little bit viscous. During the drinking days the extracted substances are excreted.
The volume of liquid you have to drink will individually be prescribed. The main cure beverage is mineral water, but also tea, juices and cure wine. What does the cure wine cause in the body?

  • it increases metabolic effects
  • it stimulates the circulation
  • it inhibits bacterial growth in the intestine
  • it is rich in minerals
  • has positive psychological effects
  • increases the HDL cholesterol (the ""good"" cholesterol)
  • it is rich in anti-oxidants and combats cardiovascular disease
  • it improves quality of blood flow

4. Rest and movement

A change between relaxation and movement supports the detoxication process and increases the emotional well-being. Focus only on yourself.
The relaxation phase in the dry days is chracterized by relaxation techniques, massage and walks. During the movement phase in the drinking days you stimulate metabolism and fat burn.
Use this phase of your Schrothkur for excursions to the surroundings of Oberstaufen and for the various sport program of our hotel.
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