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Outdoor and Indoor Pool

Sports or wellness in water? Outdoor swimming pool or tempered indoor pool? You have the choice all year long.

Our hotel offers a generous garden with swimming pool and a wonderful view of the Allgäu landscape. Enjoy the sun islands and the panorama of the Alpes. The big outdoor pool is a special highlight: the water has agreeable 33 °C and you have an area of 5 × 12 m to tumble around. And the best: it is open for your all year round.

Take a swim also in winter after sunset. This special atmosphere will be unforgettable.

The indoor pool has "Grander" water and an agreeable temperature of 28 °C. 6 × 12 m2 and the hydro-flow system make you have a sportive experience. We invite you to take part in our water gymnastic.

Refresh yourself.

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