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Natural, healthy and with beauty-effect. Use the warmth and the cold, the water and the steam for a little all-round renewal

The finnish sauna offers the classical sweating cure. After the heat of 90 centigrades you can cool down in the ice fountain or in the big dip tank.

Sweating and the change of temperatures relieve the muscles and stimulate circulation and metabolism, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and retard skin aging. In the stone sauna the body gets used to the ascending temperatures and the high humidity in a slow and gentle way. The active radiant heat of the stones reaches 70 °C. In the traditional Allgäu farmer sauna the temperature reaches pleasant 55 °C.

The ethereal steams of local plants as fir needles are very special and have many positive qualities. The infrared cabine is an alternative to the sauna. The specific light radiation creates a direct deep warmth in the body. The healing force of the water has an effect on you when you use the Kneipp-bassin

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