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Torchlight Hiking

The winterly darkness seems dark black and mysterious. The starry sky radiates all the more. In the crisp cold and clear air we can see more stars than usual. We feel phantastic, bundled up warmly and with a torchlight in the hand.

Twice a month we have a special "Schmankerl" for you: the "Dein Engel" torchlight hike. When it gets dark we start our hike. Nothing but our torch enlightens our way through the snow. We trudge through the snow an the Allgäu winter night until we see a light in the distance.
There we make a cosy pause. After that we return to the hotel, warmed up and strengthened. In our bar we invite you to a "Glühwein" (hot wine) and some nice moments at the crackling open fire.

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