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Make us your Personal Trainer. You´ll see what you get out of it! The daily sports and excercise program under the instruction of Oberstaufen´s best trainer is fun and keeps you fit and young

Stretching for all
Your spine and your joints are mobilized. With relaxed movements - in combination with specific stretching exercises - you can remove blockades. Your body gets new energy.

Power and suppleness
with special strengthening exercises. We put the focus on the work with your energy centre. The whole trunk musculature is strengthened, the spine and the joints are stabilised. Harmony is created through tension and tension release, in combination with a conscious breathing.

We work with the water resistance. The carrying capacitiy of the water is gentle on the spine and the joints. At the same time your metabolism is stimulated and the skin is tightened.

Active relaxation
Relax and chill out. Strengthen your life energy bringing into harmony your movements and your breathing.
Heart chakra
A simple form of Qi Gong strengthens your energy field when you exhale all negativity out of your body. This is an ideal relaxation program to create a positive day.
You have also the possibility to learn about other chinese component-gymnastics. Please ask Volker if you are interested in.

The dailiy sport and movement program under his instruction is fun and keeps you fit and young.

Qi Gong
Monday - Friday · 08.30 to 09.30 a.m.
Optionally Heart-Chakra, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi;
Qi Gong is a relaxation technique to ameliorate breathing and to strenghten the heart and circulatory
Monday - Friday · 09.30 to 10.00 a.m.
Gentle stretching helps to make mobile the spine and to mobilise the joints.

Suppleness & Power
Monday - Friday · 10.00 to 10.45 a.m.
Feel your energy centre and learn to train your trunk musculature breathing consciously.
Monday - Friday · 11.00 to 11.30 a.m.
With Aqua-Power you tighten the muscle tissue and mobilise the metabolism.

2 x per week Volker makes a short hiking tour with you.

We make a long hiking tour or a day walk. Please inscribe in time and contact the sport teacher if you want further details about the routes and destinations. Nordic Walking
2 x per week
For beginners and advancers.
We have walking sticks for you.

Bowling evenings
You´ll have much fun!

Sauna special infusion
On monday, wednesday and friday there is a special infusion in the finnish sauna.

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