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Fitness Room

Your performance will peak on our modern techno-gym-machines. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you’ll have plenty of possibilities to exercise anyway.

On the running machine you can dream of jogging through the marvellous Allgäu landscape. You are supproted to adopt the correct position and to train muscles and joints safely.

On the stepper the movements are regular, therefore it is ideal for any age. On the sidestepper there is also the lateral movement beside sthe up and down movement. With that you shape not only your belly, legs and bottom but also arms and waist. The ergonomic fitness bike in our studio can also be use in winter. You nearly feel like on a real biking tour. It gives endurance and strengthens the musculature of legs and buttocks. The exercise bike is an alternative.

At the power tower you can easiliy train several exercises.

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